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blink portraits was launched in 2020 by mon & rob, two women intent on making the lives of parents simpler and easier.

in 2021, robyn took over the reigns of this biz, continuing to grow this little side crush as part of her photographic offerings.



a business owner with over nine years


in the photographic world,

robyn's brand encompasses lifestyle photography and graphic design offerings through 

robyn davie creative studio,

studio rental through

fynn studio,

and now fun fast and frequent milestone photography through blink.

“don’t blink”…

”you’ll blink and they won’t be babies anymore,” they said…


yet at the time of sleepless nights, endless feeding, or (fruitless) negotiating with

toddlers it seems all you want to do is blink. 


who has time to stage or capture the ‘perfect’ milestone memory?

if you are anything like me, days became months, months turned to years and the milestone cards have simply collected dust.


blink portraits is our gift to busy moms and dads – a way to capture your little one’s growth in the most beautiful, yet stress-free way."

- monique heyns, co-founder